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PE80 – This is the term used to denote the polyethylene material which has been widely used for gas, water and
industrial applications for many years. The terms MDPE and HDPE were commonly used to describe this material,
although MDPE PE80, as historically supplied by GPS, has a much higher long term stress crack resistance than
traditional HDPE PE80.
PE100 – This is a term used to denote high performance polyethylene, and PE100 pipes are sold by GPS under the
brand name of Excel. PE100 is a higher performance material than PE80 and demonstrates exceptional
resistance to rapid crack propagation as well as to longterm stress cracking.

Moreover, the higher strength of PE100 permits thinner pipe walls than PE80 for the same operating pressure.
PE100 uses less polymer and provides for a larger bore and increased flow capacity for a given nominal pipe size.
This can result in significant cost savings at certain sizes and pressure ratings.

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